Services Provided & Track Records


Professional services provided including:

    • Planning, supervision and conducting field Instrumentation, Data-logging, Automatic Pile Test Monitoring and Reporting Works for Static Axial Compression, Axial Tension and Lateral Load Tests for foundation.
    • Innovator and provider for reliable, powerful and novel technology called Improved Global Strain Extensometer (GLOSTREXT) Method, designed for the needs of instrumentation and data interpretation of static load testing for driven & jacked in piles, cast-in-place bored piles, soil nails and other geotechnical applications.
    • Innovative instrumentation schemes for foundation and geotechnical related Research & Development projects and technology development.
    • Preparing proposals, quanlity and cost estimates on field instrumentation and monitoring works for tender bidding as well as assisting clients on innovative instrumentation schemes to evaluate performance of foundation and structures (including verifying competitive alternative proposal) by field measurement.


Reaction Setup for Static Axial Load Tests on Piles:

~Few Cases of Extreme Challenges~